Welcome! Paula Interfestival is a new festival for theater, dance and contemporary circus taking place this August in St.Gallen Switzerland. We focus on the regional performing arts and its artists while also inviting selected companies from the rest of the nation as well as international productions. Below you find the key information about this new exciting festival. See you at Paula!

The interfestival for theater, dance and circus

Paula brings together the artistic potential of the region and its freelance artists and makes it visible. Theatre, dance, performance and contemporary circus make up the programme: world premieres and guest performances by regional actors and groups, national productions and inspiration from the international scene.

Designed as a biennial festival, Paula performs in various locations in the heart of St.Gallen: the two halls of the Lokremise, the Grabenhalle, a circus tent on the Kreuzbleiche and the public space might become a stage as well. The festival center is also located on the Kreuzbleiche: it welcomes the audience with a bar, covered seating area with tables and lounge, food stands and a central information point.

Creation laboratory for the independent scene

In the «Laboratoire Paul», regional actors from the independent scene are brought together in an animated way. During the festival, regional (and selected external) artists meet in joint training sessions, workshops and performative improvisation formats: creating together, inspiring each other and sharing their artistic experience. The aim is also to establish a common understanding amongst the participants as well as a shared identity as the «independent scene». The working process as well as any try-outs are shared with the audience throughout the festival.

Accessibility – Paula for everyone!

Measures ensure that the Interfestival is also accessible to people with disabilities: Translations in sign language, program information in simple language, barrier-free access in all Paula locations or a special check-in for visitors with special needs.



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